November 26, 2017
from: New Symposium Society [NSS]
to: All Symposiasts 

... Looking ahead to 2018 ... "War Matters" Tentatively scheduled for February 20, our first symposium of 2018 will be on "War Matters" with Bob Love acting as the evening's moderator. Click on this "War Matters" link to see a preview of some of the fundamental questions about a complex subject which we hope to engage. It will be a broad ranging discussion which may spawn more specific topics for consideration later.

Panelists [thus far]
We have some excellent panelist committed and considering to serve us with their thoughts on "War Matters" ... including the following [in order of acceptance]. We expect to round out our panel soon.
  • Marvin Martin - a WWII combat veteran, a widely experienced and well known jurist and a person whose insights and manners have made him a public speaker who is always in demand in our city
  • Dan Gates - a Vietnam War combat veteran [from a military family] and a respected Wichita business executive
For more about our panelists [including a brief bio and an optional Position Statement to help us organize our thoughts in advance] just follow one of the "War Matters" links above.

If you know of a panelist who might be willing and able to contribute some insights, send the contact information to us at ... we would especially like to have a woman to bring out the female point of view on a topic which affects us all, women and children ... but is often seen as a matter for action primarily by men.

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