October 10, 2017
from: New Symposium Society [NSS]
to: All Symposiasts

NSS has a prytaneum
It is with excitement and gratitude that NSS can announce that Friends University has generously offered to serve us [and greater Wichita] as a thoroughly modern version of the classical prytaneum in which Greek communities were forged and strengthened by gathering for symposia. And if Friends' centralized, accessible location and their unsurpassed, physical facilities were not enough, our friends at Friends also
  • "support curiosity and research, and assign great value to diversity of experience"
  • [in pursuit of their mission to] "equip students to honor God and serve others by integrating their intellectual, spiritual and professional lives."
What could possibly be more consistent with our mission at NSS?

So if you have a few moments to let our friends at Friends University know why you value NSS and that you are grateful for their thoughtful offer of support, just go to the Contact page of their website and leave them a message!

"Divinity Matters"
On November 28, we will have a symposium on "Divinity Matters" ... to consider a fundamental human question:

"Does the nature, breadth, duration, and intensity of human suffering argue against the existence of a personal God?"

We hope to secure a broad spectrum of thoughts on this question.  Reconciling the idea of divinity with the coexistence of good and evil ... with the mingling of innocence and suffering ... has challenged every generation both before and after Job.  We want to face it honestly in our turn ... hearing from
  • those who are persuaded that reconciliation is not logically possible [or humanely desirable] as well as
  • those who would be apologists for the perpetual and undiminished goodness and omnipotence of God, human suffering notwithstanding.
We can now announce [and are very grateful for] the following and final panelists:
  • Fr. Paul O'Callaghan (Dean of St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral)
  • Fr. Sherman A. Orr (Pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church)
  • Rabbi Judah Kogen (Hebrew Congregation)
  • Rev. Tom Penning (Pastor of Jubilee Presbyterian Church)
  • Dr. David Cullen (l'Universite des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg)
  • Jamar Martin (local atheist/agnostic/skeptic community leader)
We hope to see you at every symposium ... but this will be one nobody should miss.

 ... Looking ahead to 2018
Tentatively scheduled for February 20, we will have a symposium on "War Matters" to consider fundamental questions about a complex subject.  Click here for pre-post, in-progress announcements about the evening's anticipated activities ... and stay up-to-date on this important gathering.

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